Web Presence

We believe that functional and effective design helps companies achieve their goals. That’s why Chiefs of IT creates successful websites for your organization.

Chiefs of IT is able to take care of the entire process for you: from logo to corporate identity and from website design to website management systems. We have divided our services into website development and hosting.

Website Development

As an entrepreneur, you want to create a professional website that provides enough conversions and customers. However, many entrepreneurs don’t know how to get started. That’s why we share an 8-step plan for new website owners, with which a professional website can be set up within a few weeks.

 Creating a website: step-by-step plan

  1. Define concept: determine objective website, target group and structure.
  2. Hosting and domain name: requesting a hosting package and registering your desired domain name.
  3. Determine design: what should the design of your website look like? Do you opt for a free or premium template or do you have a custom website built?
  4. Content preparation: Writing texts, selecting images.
  5. Website development: delivery of the website
  6. Testing and fine-tuning: thorough website testing and fine-tuning.
  7. Website publishing: Website is live and accessible for customers. Installing statistics software, submitting the website to search engines.
  8. Improve website: Think of conversion optimization, content marketing and website promotion.

Website Hosting

Server space for your website and email. Includes SSL security, protection against spam and hackers, and our personal service.

Each hosting package includes access to the cPanel control panel. cPanel is perhaps the best control panel system there is. cPanel is not only clear and easy to use, but also very extensive – so that novice and experienced users can manage all aspects of their hosting package themselves.

No installation & maintenance

No hassle with installing and updating software. We make sure you can start right away and keep the website software up to date.


Search engine friendly

The website is set up in a completely search engine friendly way, so that new customers and visitors can find your site better in search engines such as Google.

Linking a Domain Name

You can visit your website under your own domain. You can register this domain with us, but you can also use a domain with an external provider.


SSL secured

We provide your website with an SSL certificate, so that your customers and visitors can view your website via a secure connection.

Choose the package that suits you best.

Our Gold hosting package offers everything you need for a successful website. Want something more? Then we would like to offer you some extras in the form of the Platinum or Platinum Plus hosting package. Do you want to start with just email and a small site? Then choose the Silver package.

We will gladly help you to make the right choice.
Feel free to contact us on 020-2614188 or fill in the contact form.